Mold Design & Making


Design of the mold undoubtedly are most crucial part in mold manufacturing.Unreasonable mold design will greatly affect product quality, increase production costs, and even completely ruin your entire project.

With the help of advanced computer design and simulation software, our experienced mold designers carefully polish each set of molds’:

♦ Parting Line selection         ♦ Gating design          ♦ Ejection design                  ♦ Cooling design         ♦ Venting design         ♦ Inserts selection

To ensure that the mold has a long lifetime,and producing precision requirements, flawless plastic parts in the shortest moulding cycle.

We have fully equipped,state-of-the-art CNC Milling, Wire Erosion and EDM machines from Makino Japan and GF AgieCharmilles Switzerland to manufacturing precision mold.

We have a strong track record in making over 5000 sets of:

♦ Multi-cavity mold              ♦ High production mold       ♦ Twin-Shot mold    ♦ Over moulding mold             ♦ Unscrewing mechanism mold                          ♦ Hot runner mold

for our valued customer over the past 23 years.Our clients including some world top 500 companies,like Flextronics,Stanley Black & Decker.